A Catholic Mother Regrets Disowning Her Gay Son.

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A Catholic Mother Regrets Disowning Her Gay Son.

In part six of Eric Kruszewski’s documentary series on LEAD, an LGBT group within Saint Matthew’s Catholic Church, we meet Carolyn, a woman who was persuaded by her husband to kick their son out of the house after he came out. “My husband got very angry and asked David to leave,” she says. “I was torn between my husband and my child.”

Carolyn has since changed her views on homosexuality and has joined LEAD. “I don’t accept the fact that homosexuals are bad. I want the same opportunities for my gay and straight children in the Catholic Church.”

CarolynMASTER_9.10_2 from Eric Kruszewski on Vimeo.

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Check back tomorrow for a final video about the progressive leader at Saint Matthew’s Catholic Church.

Source: http://bit.ly/1UmDCxG