Child Rape Lawsuits against Catholic Church in Guam continue to rise. 

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Child rape lawsuits against Catholic Church in Guam continue to rise. 

Ten clergy sex abuse cases have been filed in local court, including one alleging that former priest Louis Brouillard engaged in group sex with minors and had two altar boys accompany him on summer road trips to Minnesota and Canada, where he continued to sexually abuse and molest them.

Brouillard already has been accused, in dozens of lawsuits, of abusing boys on Guam between 1956 and 1981.

The lawsuit filed by F.S.L. in the Superior Court  of Guam states Brouillard, who left Guam for Minnesota in 1981, continued to sexually abuse Guam children by having them flown out to him on the mainland.

The 10 clergy abuse cases were filed through Sept. 26, by attorney Michael Berman of the law firm of Berman O’Connor & Mann.

Of the 10 cases, eight accuse Brouillard, while the other two accuse the defrocked priest Raymond Cepeda and former priest Andrew Mannetta.

More lawsuits could be filed.

“There are others who are also reaching out to us,” Berman said on Tuesday.

The cases filed by Berman bring to 121 the number of clergy sex abuse lawsuits filed in the Superior Court of Guam and the U.S. District Court of Guam.


F.S.L.’s lawsuit, filed on Sept. 25, states Brouillard won the boy’s trust and that of his parents.

According to the lawsuit, Brouillard had F.S.L. watch the priest as he undressed or took a shower and later had the boy join him in the shower, where sexual acts were performed.

Brouillard also abused the boy many times in Brouillard’s bedroom, the lawsuit states.

Brouillard also brought together altar boys, including F.S.L., and engaged in group sexual activity with them, the lawsuit states.

 “F.S.L. experienced pain and discomfort…F.S.L. never asked any questions of Brouillard because he was afraid Brouillard would get upset and force F.S.L. out of the altar boy role. Psychologically, F.S.L. did not want to feel rejected, so F.S.L. continued to obey him.”

On many occasions, Brouillard invited F.S.L. and another boy to swim in a private pond, and promised to buy them good food if they swam naked, the lawsuit states.

After relocated to Beroun, Minnesota, he invited F.S.L. and his friend to spend the summer with him, the lawsuit states.

“Brouillard paid for F.S.L.’s air fare to fly from Guam to Minneapolis, M.N.,” the lawsuit states. “F.S.L.’s parents trusted Brouillard, and did not hesitate for F.S.L. to travel to the U.S. and spend a summer with Brouillard. F.S.L. traveled to MN alone and met Father Louis.”

During their time in Minnesota, Brouillard took F.S.L. on several road trips and visited different cities in the state, including St. Cloud, Duluth and Pine City, to name a few, the complaint states.

They also visited Thunder Bay, which is located in Canada, the lawsuit states.

Although the two boys had their own bedrooms, Brouillard would invite himself into each of the rooms and sexually abuse the boys, the lawsuit states. He allegedly had the boys perform acts with him and each other.

“F.S.L. believed that he was forced to engage in the sexual acts because Brouillard flew him to (Minnesota). F.S.L. believed he was manipulated to do whatever Brouillard wanted him to do because Brouillard had control over him.”

F.S.L. demands a jury trial and at least $10 million in minimum damages.